Study Skills Training


MEDIU’s Faculty of Engineering recently initiated the “Soft Skills Talk Series“ program which consists of series of lectures aiming at enhancing the students’ skills. The second talk series were on “Study Skills” which was held on Tuesday, 25 November 2015. Prof. Ir. Dr. Wan Mahmood Wan Ab. Majid, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering believes that such programs can achieve the faculty in stimulating productivity and increasing the skills of students as well as continuous learning actively involves students in extracurricular activities.

“Study Skills” lecture series was presented by Eng.Fayez Said Fayez with the presence of Deputy Dean, Engr. Mohamed Abdul Rahman Saeed Al-Samet and  Engr. Muzaphar Noman Abdulrahman Noman, Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The lecture focused on study skills aspects and how the students should plan their studies and other activities during university life. The talks covers many areas such as, the adaptation to university life, self-motivation, and how time management organization are important to achieve an academic excellence.