39/2015 Academic Senate Meeting


39/2015 Senate

MEDIU’s CEO; Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi chaired the 39th Academic Senate Meeting for the year 2015 on Friday, 27 November 2015. The meeting was attended by Deputy CEO from all respective departments and academic deans. Throughout the session, various agenda on academic areas were being addressed and discoursed amongst the senate members.

Among the discussions that have been agreed and approved by the senate members are as follows:

  • To promote ‘ Prof. Dr Umar Aliyu Abu Bakar’ to Assoc.Prof according to his google scholar publication.
  • To promote ‘ Prof. Dr Shadi M.S. Hilles’ to Assoc.Prof according to his google scholar publication.
  • To accept the students [ADC16BO221] applying for Master in Qada and Siyasah Shar’iyyah from different specialization with the requirement of taking a certain subjects.
  • To enroll applicant [ADM15BM276] through open-entry for Master of in Da’wah (By Research).
  • To terminate the students in the list below due to their absence from university and such, based on Article 20 of the Regulations of the Study and Exams.
    • DIT153BI820
    • BBA153BJ395
    • BBA151BI748
    • DCE153BI826
    • BEE141BG144
    • DBI153BK230
    • BCS153BL174
    • BBA153BJ260
    • BCN153BJ080
    • BCN153BI895
    • BIS153BJ177
    • BCS153BJ708