Workshop on ‘Motivational Creation of Goals’


Al-Madinah International University(MEDIU) Department of Scientific Research recently organized a workshop on ‘Motivational Creation of Goals’ on Friday, 28 August 2015. The session was collaborated with the Global Arabic Centre Sdn Bhd (GAC)and attended by the university’s dean, academic faculty members and students. The session was presented by Miss Marwa Abdelrazzaq al-Hawari, CEO of GAC and moderator by Asst. Prof. Dr. Sekou Toure, Deanship of Scientific Research.

The program aims to create new integrated conceptioon that connects the biological sciences, to consider the concept of goals creation from a productive prospect as well as to demonstrate practical examples for the achievement of nations’ renaissance and development through creating goals in individuals.

The workshop program participants were delighted on the skills and lessons that they have acquired throughout the program in accordance with the objective to generate creational capability that enables to engineer goals with professionalism and higher impact.