Ceremony of Quran Waqf Distribution


Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) continue to perform its community service program by contributing a total of 49 al-Quran rasm Uthmani to Surau Assalam in Banting,Selangor on Tuesday, 28 July 28 2015. The mushaf al-Quran was officially approved by the Research Division of the University of Al-Azhar along with Islamic books and cd/dvd’s.

The ceremony was officiated by Dato ‘Sulaiman Karli, Head of the Kuala Langat District along with Mr. Radhwan, Chairman of Surau Assalam and attended by the musollah committee members of the Committee. Meanwhile, MEDIU was represented by Us.Abduloh Usof,Head of Corporate Services; Us.Jamaluddin Hussain,Head of Public Relations and Mr. Razali Rahmad; Corporate Services Officer.