Workshop on ‘SPSS: For Social Science Data Analysis’


MEDIU’s Training and Continue Education Centre and Edulink Consultancy held a workshop session on ‘SPSS: For Social Science Data Analysis’ on Saturday, 13 June 2015. The session was presented by Dr.Dazmin bin Daud; expertise in SPSS data analysis in the areas of logistic, supply chain management, human resource development, organizational behaviour and research methodology. The one-day workshop objective is needed to build the capacity of research and extension partnership between the two institutions.

The proposed training equipped the researchers and students on the essential principles in survey data processing and analysis using SPSS. Among the topics that were delivered during the workshop are:

  1. How to prepare survey data files and to develop a codebook.
  2. Enter survey data in Excel and SPSS.
  3. Perform SPSS data processing procedures such as variable definition, data screening and transformation, multiple response data, index construction, cross tabs, descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, etc.
  4. Raise key research questions and choose appropriate statistical tests.
  5. Analysing data and statistical test results.